Caseapp Giveaway (CLOSED)

White Marble

As a blogger I use technology basically 24/7. When my phone sporadically shut down a couple weeks ago and decided to not turn back on, I was in an information blackout for almost 24 hours as my wifi also decided to take a dump that day! I have to say it was nice to have a little break, intentional or not! 

So I placed my order for a new android phone, yes android. I know I'm a minority, but I don't care! I love having google as a cellular provider, and believe it or not, android has a much more robust operating system and is very user friendly! Plus the phone I'm getting has the best camera of any phone on the market right now, including the iphone, so perfect for someone who documents their life like me! Unfortunately this gem will be taking just about a month to arrive, so I've resorted back to my old iphone 6 while I wait. I wanted to take all of the necessary precautions to make sure that my backup phone didn't also get damaged because I literally would have nothing else to use until my new phone gets here! It was almost fate that Caseapp came into my life when they did. Not only are their products super durable and keep your phone nice and safe, you are able to customize it to your liking with a variety of cases you can choose from on their site, you can also upload your own images and text to use on your case! So cute! Check out their cases cases HERE! Use the code: STYLEBYJULIANNE20 for 20% off!

I'm using my phone primarily for my business so I decided to customize it with my blog name and some basic white marble (I know, I know, I couldn't help myself). I got the matching laptop skin, and with my new marble business cards in hand I couldn't be more basic! All jokes aside, they turned out beautifully and not pixel-y at all. They fit my devices like a glove and look SO good! I love having everything coordinate and I love the peace of mind knowing my phone can't easily be broken in my clumsy hands!

Marble iphone case
Marble Laptop Case

Now for the fun part! If you want to win a custom case or skin of your own, enter the giveaway with these simple rules:

1)  Follow @caseapp and @stylebyjulianne on Instagram

2)  Comment on THIS image on my Instagram what item you'd like to win and tag a real friend who might be interested as well! You can tag as many friends as you like, please comment them each individually and they'll each count as an entry as long as you follow all the other rules of this giveaway!

3)  Comment at the end of this post letting me know you entered the giveaway for an additional entry (optional)!

4)  I will choose ONE winner randomly and send you a code to choose any free item from the Caseapp website! 


The giveaway is international so anyone can enter! You have until November 17th to enter.



The coffee spill was unintentional, buuuuut I thought it looked cool haha!

The coffee spill was unintentional, buuuuut I thought it looked cool haha!


How I Styled a $39 Dress for an Awards Show!

Velvet Holiday Dress

I have a great friend and mentor who has always talked to me about the importance of networking and how shaking hands with the right people and growing your network can help your business invaluably. Thanks to her originally pushing me to start a blog, paired with this nugget of networking knowledge has helped me grow quickly in the short time that I've been blogging, and from what I've observed it can be as easy as just saying yes to an invitation to a local event, even if it is short notice and you have nothing to wear (haha!). As you may have read in my last post, this week has been full of full fashion related events and opportunities to network and hand out some business cards. I've been reaching out to more and more local bloggers and people working in the industry locally here in Portland, who have turned me on to some great opportunities, one of which I was lucky enough to attend last night! 

Earlier this week I ran into my friend Kristina at a different event, she creates for the blog Visual Treasure Hunt, amongst a myriad of other things she does (girl is the ultimate boss babe!). Kristina told me about the Portland Fashion and Style Awards that were only a few short days away, and urged me to go with her and a few other bloggers. Of course the first thing that went through my mind was, would I have enough time to find an amazing outfit?! But of course I was like DUH, I NEED TO BE AT THIS EVENT. 

Cut to last night, of course everyone was dressed up in their Portland best, which may be a little different (or a lot different) from many other larger city's award shows, but Portland for sure has one of the most interesting and creative fashion scenes in the country (aside from NY, in my opinion of course). Luckily I found this cute velvet dress the previous day, I envisioned it with a white bootie and that was as far as I had gotten but as I was getting ready I threw on my signature, leather moto jacket (who else has a lucky item of clothing?!)  and a metallic statement clutch and just went with it. 

Velvet Yellow Dress
Velvet Dress Silver Clutch
Silver Clutch Party Outfit
Velvet Dress
Velvet New Years Dress
Velvet Dress
White Booties
Velvet Party Dress

There was a red carpet with a step and repeat so lots of photo ops of which you'll see on my Instagram (obviously we shot the look seperately for this post) we also were interviewed for a magazine which I can't remember the name of now but I will post the interview when I find it! Kristina knew more people that I did so she introduced me to some really cool and interesting designers and creators who I hope to see more of at future events! 

The show was so fun! Hosted by local drag queen, and nonprofit volunteer, Poison Waters, who made an otherwise long and boring awards show hilarious and entertaining to watch. A few of the categories that were recognized included: best fashion publication, best fashion wardrobe stylist, best female and male model, there were awards for salons, local boutiques, photographers, fashion designers, amongst many others. You can imagine the length of the show. 

Overall I had an amazing time, and my outfit turned out better than I could have planned even if I had more that 3 days to do it! I can't wait to go back next year! 

Velvet Holiday Dress Silver Clutch
Portland Fashion and Style Awards

As always, thanks for reading! 


"I Could Never Pull Off That Color" and Other Things I Hate To Hear


Sweater: EXPRESS, Jeans: HERE, Shoes (sold out): similar and on sale HERE, HERE, and HERE  

This week has been extra busy, full of amazing events! I think since I started blogging this has been the busiest I've been between blogger meetings, the Create & Cultivate panel, and the Portland Fashion and Style Awards (in a few days), amongst others! I've been having the time of my life and I couldn't be happier that I've gotten the opportunity to be a part of these amazing gatherings. I've exchanged information with more creative entrepreneurs than I can count on my fingers and toes combined and I'm excited to cultivate these relationships and business partnerships! 


That being said, there has been much outfit planning and preparation going into this weeks festivities and I was happy on my off days to wear something a little more casual. Cue this fabulous chenille sweater! This cutie is SO comfortable, and comes in so many fun colors it was hard for me to choose! As most may know, I used to lean (heavily) toward only neutrals (namely, black) for essentially everything in my wardrobe, but when I became pregnant I had the opportunity to branch out with some fun maternity pieces because I knew they wouldn't be permanent staples in my closet. Needless to say, I wish they were! I had so much fun with color I decided to begin wearing more of it regularly, after my little one was born too. Color is so much fun and I realized it isn't something to be scared of. Also (SUPER IMPORTANT) there's no such thing as "I can't pull this color off" or "that color doesn't suit me" I don't believe in those sayings and I think if you like the damn color, wear the damn sweater! On the other hand I'm super guilty of saying things like "that color looks great on you!" or "this is SO your color" I guess I need to take my own advice and stop saying that since I really believe anyone can wear any color (except skin colored leggings, please don't wear those).  I get so many comments like that on Instagram, and nothing drives me more nuts. I think becoming a mom helped me to realize that you can essentially do anything and style is no exception (plus all modesty is gone anyway, so why worry about anything, especially something as significant as the color of your shirt?)


Once I overcame my irrational fear, when I stopped really caring what anyone else thought of my outfits, fashion became even MORE fun (didn't even know it was possible, honestly) and my wardrobe became more well-rounded and exciting. I wasn't looking at ten white shirts that all looked the same, or 25 pairs of black jeans. I got to look at my pieces and discover amazing colors and textures and prints, of course I still like my black jeans but I've added denim with more interest... distressing, embellishments, etc. And who ever knew that it is actually easier to create an outfit with color and patterns than it is an all black ensemble?! Yeah. I never would have know either. 

Ok, ok I'll get back to this outfit. 


I knew I wanted to jump on the Chenille trend ASAP. I've loved anything soft since I was a little one, my mom can vouch for this as she reminds me when I was young, once she felt a little hand tugging on the side of her velvet dress feeling the fabric. I've always loved interesting textures and fabrics so Chenille was a no-brainer, and I'm stocking up majorly so when they're no longer on trend I'll have back stock for a long time (haha).


I'm not going to lie, I saw this on a few people before I went to try it on. I wasn't sure if it would be TOO cropped on me since I'm a giant and often cropped sweaters show too much and defeat the purpose of keeping me warm, which is important in the Pacific Northwest. The color is AWESOME, and such a rich hue of pea soup (HAHA), I was instantly obsessed, I actually ordered the hot pink and the cream later on since they went on sale a day later.


These jeans are also from Express and although I ordered the tall thinking I was tall enough, I had to cut the hems to make them about a foot shorter (does my sarcasm translate through here?) so if you're shorter than a giraffe (5'9") order the regular length. The distressing is perfect though, just the right amount and the jeans are a really BLACK, black which can be hard to find sometimes. 


Sorry, the shoes went on sale and sold out in about 5 minutes, but I'll link some others that are almost identical and just as cute! But if you have yet to get a pair of leopard shoes this season, just pick up a pair already! It is such an easy, fun, statement trend that anyone can rock. Just do it. 

I guess I should stop rambling, I feel like my posts are much wordier in the AM when I'm working and drinking my coffee at the same time. Let me know your thoughts below, if you think anyone can wear anything they want, or if you just liked the outfit (or not) I want to hear from you!



Scarf: here

Scarf: here

...and a cute baby to end the post.


Plaid Dress & a Fun Halloween Photoshoot!

Happy November! I love this month, it's Scorpio season, I'm a November baby and I am so in my element this season. Can you believe this year is almost over?! It's been quite eventful to say the least. Had a baby, bought my first ever new car, quit my job to become a stay at home/work from home mom, started blogging full time, the list could go on fo eva! 

My sister and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and shoot some fall looks. It was the first Halloween in 10 years that it didn't rain here in Portland, and it could not have been more perfect outside for photos. We had a lot of fun with this shoot so get excited for some goofy pics mixed in.

This plaid dress has been on repeat lately, and it's super affordable, but almost sold out so hurry! It was a great transitional piece for when it was still warm out and now I can pair it with tights through the fall! I'm also featuring this AMAZING scarf. For some reason it's not available online yet (I'll let you know on Instagram when it is!) so here's a similar one in the meantime! It is actually the softest thing I own, and Stella loves to snuggle into it when I'm holding her, it's too cute! 


THESE. If you are looking for the perfect bootie, you need these ASAP! I searched for ever for a brown bootie for fall and these fit the bill perfectly! They're also under $90, and extremely comfortable. I just ordered a second pair in black!


Thanks for reading! Get excited for lots on new fall content com ing your way very soon! 


The Perfect Pink Maxi!



Don't get me wrong, I am more than ready for jeans, boots, and sweaters but deep down I'm happy that this Indian summer has allowed me to wear some of my summer favorites through the month of October! This pink dress served me well all summer long through weddings, and brunches, and I'm still wearing it into fall with Jean jackets like the one pictured, and my trusty old leather moto jacket. 


What is your favorite transitional piece for fall?! Let me know in the comments below! 

Where Have I Been? + Huge Instagram Round-Up!


I've been gone for a minute, and I'm sure if you follow me on any of my social media outlets you know that I had a baby! I'm sure even if you just follow me through my blog you most likely gathered that was what had happened based on the timeline of my pregnancy updates. Well, I'm back now and I plan to get back on track with a good routine of posting. Now that baby girl is two months old (HOW?!), and Dustin is back at work after his bonding leave, I'm really working hard on getting myself back into a good daily routine with my little one!

I recently went through a little internal conflict with myself and posting pictures of the baby bean on social media. I really want my family to be able to see pictures of her if they aren't able to see her often in person, but I was feeling a slight unease posting her to a public profile with thousands of followers. I've spent the good part of a year growing my social media account and it was a little sad to start over, but it was also nice to begin with a clean slate and have an Instagram account devoted solely to style and my blog. And who knows, maybe some day I'll be more comfortable posting pictures of Stella on my public accounts, but for now you can catch snippets of her in my Instagram stories if you aren't a close friend or family. I've been spending my hiatus working on the beginning growth of this account and if you aren't following me over there, click HERE to head on over and check it out for daily outfit pictures! 

I figured I'd kick off my return with a good ol' Instagram round up! There will be more items linked here versus my ShopStyle account since they don't work with some of the brands I like to wear but I still want you all to be able to buy them even though I won't be gaining any commission out of it. On that note, make sure if you love something that you've seen me wear, click the links I post to purchase it! I only get a small portion of the sale, but now that I'm not working this is my sole income so if you want it and I don't have it link, just ask! I'll send it your way :)

Thank you all for being loyal followers and sticking around, I hope to continue to remain consistent for you all, and feel free to comment on this post and let me know what else you'd like to see in the near future! 

Keep scrolling for the Instagram round up->

Graphic tee and leggings

Topshop TOP, Zella LEGGINGS, Nike Roshe SHOES

gingham tee shirt and yellow mules

Shein Gingham SHIRT, AG JEANS, Sam Edelman SHOES

striped top and distressed jeggings

Asos striped TOP, Express distressed JEANS, Converse SHOES

lace top distressed black jeans and leather jacket

Shein lace TOP, Blank NYC leather JACKET, Express distressed JEANS, Shoes similar HERE

blue off the shoulder top, white jeans and marc fisher espadrilles

Shein off-shoulder TOP, Topshop white JEANS, Marc Fisher ESPADRILLES

gingham top, jeans, and jimmy choos

Shein gingham TOP, Articles of Society JEANS, Jimmy Choo HEELS

asos button up shirt dress
topshop lattice back sweater

Topshop bell sleeve SWEATER, Zella LEGGINGS, Marc Fisher ESPADRILLES

star sweater

Chic Wish star SWEATER, Zella LEGGINGS, Target SHOES

stripes and ruffles off the shoulder top

Shein off shoulder ruffle TOP, Articles of Society JEANS, Shoes [sold out] another emboridered pair I love HERE

pink tiered maxi dress

Topshop denim JACKET, Loft MAXI DRESS, Romwe HANDBAG, shoes [sold out] another pair I love HERE

white button up and platform creepers

Top [sold out] another favorite HERE, Zella LEGGINGS, Chloe HANDBAG, super affordable handbag dupe HERE, Romwe creeper platform SHOES 

striped ruffle sleeve top and booties

Gentle Monster SUNGLASSES, Jcrew top [sold out] similar HERE

star joggers

Karen Walker SUNGLASSES, Blank NYC leather JACKET, Topshop TOP, BooHoo PANTS, Nike SHOES


As always, thanks for reading!