My Top 5 Accessories to Create the Perfect Spring Wardrobe!

This spring is all about beachy accessories! I've gathered my 5 favorite trends for spring and compiled them here for you all to peruse. 

The first accessory I've been all about for spring is the straw hat. The floppier and more monogrammed the better! I love a good sun hat and there are so many options from virtually any retailer this year to add to your wardrobe. Luckily this is one item that you only really need to buy one time (unless you find more that you love) but if you're on a budget like me, one is enough to last you through the season and beyond! Here are my current favorite hat picks:

Next is the statement earring. This isn't necessarily a trend that is only around during spring time, but there seems to be so many more colorful, tassle-y, embroidered, beautiful earrings around this time of year that just elevate any outfit, the icing on the cake! There are a few in particular from baublebar that I am OBSESSED with that I will link down below, along with some other beautiful pieces. Statement earrings will jazz up even the most basic of t-shirt and jeans outfits. You can wear a dress with just statement earrings and it's all the jewelry you need since they speak for themselves! Pick up a couple pairs to interchange throughout the season. You'll be able to wear them year after year so I usually splurge on these pieces just to make sure I love them for a long time! Here are my fav's: 

Numero Tres. Silk. This textile has made a MAJOR comeback this year. I can't get enough of the neck tie trend that has been all over runways for spring and summer, and the silk scarf is perfect for this trend! This little versatile piece can range in price depending on the brand name, but it is such a versatile piece and since it's popularity is surging, there is no limitation to the fun colors and patterns available for purchase! Tie a silk scarf around your neck for the classic look, or change it up and wear one around your wrist for a different look. I also love to tie a colorful scarf around the handle of my bag for an updated look. They are a great conversation starter! Here are some that I own and love and some others that are on my list: 

Mirrored sunnies are next! This spring/summer essential comes back around every year, and this year is no exception! There's not much to say besides get them if you don't have them, and the more crazy the color and shape the better! There are a wide range of price points for sunglasses as well, I always say the trendier you're going the less you should spend unless you know you'll get good price per wear out of a particular item, then by all means splurge away! Here are my favorite frugal picks that I'm loving currently:

Last but not least, my fifth accessory to create your spring wardrobe around is the basket bag. There are so many basket bags this year that I've definitely gone a little overboard with the spending, but I love them all and I don't regret it one bit! This accessory is an instant eye catcher. It is another piece that you can pair with the most basic outfit and it will just bring it up a notch and make it all that much more special. I love the trend of beach bags as a daily handbag, I think it is so carefree and effortlessly chic! Here are my most loved basket bags and woven bags. Some are still on the wish list, but I just picked up THIS multicolor woven pom pom bag, it was super affordable and it is one of my new favorites for sure! 

I'd love to hear what your favorite spring trend is! Let me know in the comments below.