What is Vero? Will it Replace Instagram?

"The New Instagram"

I heard about the app, Vero, a few days ago via another blogger on Instagram. As soon as I heard her say no ads, chronological feed, and the ability to post links in a caption, I closed Instagram and immediately downloaded Vero to see what it was all about! 


What Does Vero Have to Offer?

refreshing newness

Well, first of all it's a new social platform which we haven't seen the likes of (anything good, for that matter) in years. So when a platform has garnered enough interest that you start to hear about it from multiple people, that's a sign that it could be something big and it's worth checking out. 


The app with No ads

Vero offers more than a few things that peaked my interest, first let's talk about the lack of ads. Vero will eventually be a subscription based app meaning they will charge a small yearly fee for use after the first million users download the app. The first million downloaders get free use for life (so jump to it)! At first this was a turn off to me, why would I want to pay for something similar to an app I already can use for free. But then I got it. No ads, they need to make money somehow in order to keep the app running, as well as updating features. This is important, and although I now have access for free for life, I would still download the app and pay to use it just for the add free feature.


Bye Bye annoying algorithm

Vero does not use an algorithm to sort and boost the posts it shows you in your feed. Everything you see is what your connections want you to see and you'll see them in the order that they were posted. This is HUGE. There will never be a post you don't see unless you don't want to see it, and we all know how Instagram and Facebook do a really great job of hiding the content they "think we don't want to see" based off of a computer algorithm. Soooo I love this. I'm excited to follow people again because I love their content and want to connect with it! 


The ability to categorize connections

Who do you want to see your content?

Another cool new feature that hasn't been offered before on any other social platform is the ability to choose who sees your content. Vero offers you the option to make content completely private so that only you can see the posts (great for scheduling out content). You can also make posts viewable to just close friends, friends, acquaintances, or any followers (aka public). You can toggle this view and you can edit posts to change who sees them if you choose to after posting. This is a total game changer in my opinion. For someone like me who has two Instagram accounts, one for my private pictures that I only want close friends and family to see, and one for my blog/business which is a highly curated feed. Vero allows you to combine multiple accounts into one, while still only showing what you want to who you want! I love this so much!


Links In captions

In the Vero app you can post links in captions. Let me repeat. YOU CAN POST A LINK IN YOUR CAPTION. No more are the days of "link in bio" or having to use a separate website such as linktree to post multiple links. You can even make a post of an actual website to your feed if you'd like! I can post blogs straight to my feed and my followers can click directly on my blog to view on the app. THANK YOU VERO! THANK YOU!

The Cons of Vero

Rapid Growth=Massive Glitches

So, this app is very new and has shown extreme growth at a rapid rate which means lots of crashes and glitches in certain functionalities. They recognize this on their website and since the app is currently free, I don't have many complaints on this topic. I have close friends and family that work in software and I understand that it takes lots of time (and money) to adapt as mass amount of people download and access your platform all at the same time, you have to grow rapidly and these people are most likely working night and day to fix these glitches for the user base that is exploding in growth as we speak. That being said, I still think the app has great flow and works well for how new it is and how many downloads they've seen in such a short period of time, so bravo Vero! 


Small user base

There aren't many users on the app in comparison to Instagram and Facebook. This isn't necessarily a con of the actual app itself, this is just how it goes with a new app. Instagram was the same way when it started out and I wish I had jumped on the bandwagon sooner with that one, which is why I downloaded Vero so quickly. I want to be one of the first users if (most likely when) this app begins to gain more traction and become the mainstream social platform. I am taking the time to get to know the flow of functionality, how to post, what to post, creating different groups of connections, and socializing with other people I've found on the app. It's been interesting being part of a small user base on a new app, I feel as if we are blazing a trail for the future of this app.

My Final Thoughts on Vero

Change that was necessary

Overall, I can't wait to see what comes of this platform. I know it will evolve and change as they traction. Features will be added and adapted to what users want and expect, bugs and glitches will be eliminated, so much will likely change as it grows. As an app that is still technically in beta, I am extremely impressed and excited to be a part of the first wave of users on this platform! If you have yet to download Vero, I don't know what you're waiting for. There is quite literally no reason not to while it's still free. You can always delete it from your device if you hate it, but why not give it a try instead of mindlessly scrolling Facebook for hours on a Tuesday night, download Vero and take that time to play around, add some connections and comment on some media, SOCIALIZE with other users. Use the app for what social media was meant for! You'll thank me later.

Thanks for reading this somewhat different post, guys! Sorry if it was poorly written or I left some stuff out. I just wanted to make sure no one missed out on this fun opportunity while it's still free! 

Sound off below if you have Vero, what you think and what is your favorite feature! Let's get a conversation going about this! #thenewinstagram #veroapp